Monday, July 09, 2007

Jazz Cat

My remaining cat, the venerable gentleman Jake, has revealed himself to be a connoisseur of jazz. The other evening whilst Jazz FM was playing on our radio in the family room, Jake made his way in and settled down on the sofa for a sleep. Although we joked that he must be listening, I thought nothing of this until the following day when Jake made his way into the family room, sat by the sofa, and began to meow. I talked to him and stroked him, but still he meowed. I even gave him more food just in case he was hungry. Still he sat by the sofa meowing. I was perplexed.

After carrying on doing various other tasks I returned to find Jake still sitting by the sofa, still meowing. Suddenly I remembered the night before and how we had laughed about the idea of Jake listening to Jazz. I turned the radio on to Jazz FM. Lo and behold, Jake jumped up on to the sofa and settled down for a nap.

This has happened on several occasions since – too many for it to be a coincidence. So Jake is now known as the Jazz Cat, and is spending much of his time further acquainting himself with the joys of Jazz music. What a great way to spend his old age!

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