Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Good Friday

It was a really lovely day today. We went to visit Guy’s parents, taking the train instead of driving, so Alex could have a dry run for his trip sans parents when we go to Paris sans enfant!

It was a bit of a dodgy start, in that the tube from Paddington station was closed and we had hoped that Alex could try out the journey from there to Victoria. However we were able to show Alex how to get a cab from Paddington to Victoria just in case the same thing happens again. Despite the hiccup, we were at Guy’s parents within an hour and a half of leaving home which was fantastic.

Guy’s Mum made a super lunch – her fantastic shepherd’s pie which is, quite simply, the best shepherd’s pie in the world – and Pavlova – another one of her specialities. We spent the afternoon eating chocolate eggs and playing Monopoly. It was really good fun. We left for home after a delicious tea – including cucumber sandwiches and cakes. This time the tube was up and running so Alex got to have a complete dry run which was a great relief to me.

A really lovely day was had by all.

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