Friday, August 11, 2006

Ducks in a Row

Well, yesterday sure made my blood run cold. You just relax a tiny bit and then bang! Someone uncovers yet another fanatical plot. It is very unsettling.

A was really worried about terrorists when he flew to Spain on Monday. I told him not to be silly, of course everything would be okay. I sure did not feel okay when A rang yesterday and asked me if I knew what had happened. Last time someone asked me that was 9/11.

Thank God it was all intercepted and stopped. Thank God there are additional security measures in place. Thank God we are British and just carry on regardless.

Still, I have to admit I prefer that, if these sort of things are happening, I have all my ducks in a row as it were. In other words, I have all my people in one safe place all together. This time we are all spread out and it feels very uncomfortable. Especially as the duck who is not in place is my 13 year old son.

So I'm doing the usually Mummy thing - assuring him that his return flight is an European flight, that there are extra safety measures in place, that it will all be okay. And I'm praying my heart out. It is the best protection I can give him.

I wonder if I'll feel confident when we all fly out to North America next week? The more I fly the less I like it (and I fly a lot!). Now we factor terrorism into it - well it just makes it all the more difficult. Eight hours of sitting there worrying. Super. Can't wait. Eight hours of looking at everyone else like they could be a potential terrorist. I hate that. I'm genuinely one of those Pollyannas who looks for the best in everyone, and believe it does not matter who you are or where you come from you are probably inately good, and suddenly here I am practically turning into a racist - judging folks on how they look. Terrorism is such an insidious thing. Even when you swear you won't let it change you or make you afraid, it does both.

We have to fight that as much as we have to fight the terrorists. Fight being afraid, and fight changing from loving trusting human beings to frightened distrustful racist ones. As for me, I'm going to keep praying till I get my duck back, and then pray some more as we go off to North America together. I still believe we are, most of us, inately good, and that by working together we can crush "the enemy within." Good always wins in the end. Somehow though, I think we are a long way from the end.

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