Monday, August 14, 2006

The Eagle Has Landed and is Decluttering

That's right, the eagle has landed, all my ducks are back in a row! I am so pleased to have A safely back. You pray and believe everything is going to be alright, and it is so wonderful when those prayers are answered. I am incredibly grateful.

In advance of our family vacation I am encouraging A to declutter his room and get ready for the new school year that will arrive almost immediately we get back. In a spirit of fairness I too am decluttering and organising closets. My burst of activity is not only prompted by the impending arrival of September, which for me has always signalled a new start, but also by a wish to facilitate any reinvention I might be considering. In view of the fact that A is becoming so independent at such a speed and my role as a mother is evolving, I want to reinvent within my career as 21st Century Housewife (not to actually change that role) and the scope for reinvention is quite tremendous and full of possibilities. It is all rather exciting and I do not want any negative energy that any clutter or messy closet might hold to get in my way!

I do find decluttering incredibly therapeutic. The getting rid of things you no longer need and physically removing them from your universe is almost always followed by something exciting. Either something new (and hopefully more useful) arrives to take the place of the clutter, or something exciting happens. I nearly always find this to be the case. In fact whenever we have wanted to move I have always begun the process by decluttering. It does not just make the house look nicer or make it easier to move, it seems to signal to the universe that you are ready to let go of the old and let in the new. Whether one wishes to move or not, anything that encourages forward movement in life is highly desirable.

I admit it is hard to pack for a holiday and declutter at the same time but I have always been one for a challenge. Of course packing itself is a bit more challenging at this time. My friends are having a quiet giggle at me because for the very first time I was insisting I was only going to take hand luggage (I am not a light packer at the best of times) and of course that is now totally impossible. In all honesty, the only real inconvience to the hand luggage restrictions (and something I feel almost ashamed to admit) is that I will not be able to take my makeup on board. Of course anything that faciliates an easy journey during these worrying times is important, but I really hate being seen without my face properly made up. It may be old fashioned, but that is the way I am. Sadly I have yet to find a makeup that lasts an entire transatlantic journey. I have spent huge amounts of money and time trying to find said product, but it seems to have eluded me. Still, it is hardly a terrible thing in the scheme of things. Made up or not, it is much more important to have a safe and happy journey.

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