Thursday, November 05, 2009

A Very Clever Idea

This is a picture of the Very Intelligent Pocket by Tintamar. It was designed to make transferring your things from one handbag to another stress free.

I am pretty seriously addicted to handbags and I have quite a collection of them, but I tend to carry the same one for ages and ages. Why? I can’t face transferring everything from one handbag to the other. Well, Tintamar have solved that problem.

I was first introduced to Tintamar on a flight to the US. British Airways were selling the Very Intelligent Pockets (VIPs) in their “tax free” magazine. For some reason I resisted purchasing one, and it was not until our trip to Athens last week - a whole year later - that I finally gave in and bought one. I don’t know why I waited - they are very reasonable, and I know now that they are worth their weight in gold if you like to use multiple handbags.

Basically, their are sections in and on both sides of the VIP that will hold your wallet, phone, sunglasses, makeup and even a zipper section for things like your driving license or passport. When you want to change handbags all you have to do is lift the VIP out of one bag and put it into the other. The photograph above shows how I’ve used mine. (My wallet actually fits in the large pocket but I left it sticking out for the photograph so that you could see how the VIP works.) Yet somehow the VIP manages to be small enough to fit in just about all of my handbags, except a couple of the more oddly shaped ones and of course, it is too big for a small evening bag.

I had a look at the Tintamar website and they make all kinds of these ‘pockets’ - including waterproof ones for the beach, and a very posh one made entirely from leather (which I am sure costs a good deal more but looks very cool). They seem to be quite widely available on the internet, although I am going to start looking for them in stores. They even make a bag for makeup with a small cool pack in it that you can freeze, so your makeup doesn’t melt in the summer or in hotter climes.

This is such a wonderful idea. I really wish I had thought of it, but I sure am glad someone did!