Saturday, July 18, 2009

Let the Holiday Begin

I’ve been looking forward to this holiday for ages, and today we finally got underway. I still find it amazing that I can wake up near London, get on a plane, and be thousands of miles away by nightfall. Tonight I’m going to sleep in New York, with the lights of Times Square glowing outside our hotel window.

I’m a little unsure actually, as somehow we have ended up on the thirty-seventh floor. The view from our window is quite dizzying, and I find it pretty impossible to look down without all my extremities tingling. And that is before I mention the elevator - oh my goodness the elevator! We are either whizzing up so fast my ears pop, or plummeting to the lobby at great speed. We have to take the elevators on the left side of the elevator corridor as only certain elevators go to certain floors so they can speed past four or five floors at a time without stopping. Really not my cup of tea, although I have to say the view from up here is quite amazing.

It’s very hot here in New York, and as we made our way through the crowds coming back from dinner at the Olive Garden (our fourth meal of the day - I’m a firm believer that eating is the best cure for jet lag), spits of rain were beginning to come from the sky. Broadway and the area round Times Square has been transformed actually. A lot of the lanes for traffic have been turned into pedestrianized zones and there are tables and chairs set out for people to relax on. I’ve never seen Times Square like this before- it’s incredible. It’s also made it a lot easier to walk, by doubling the space for pedestrians - fantastic. I’m not sure how drivers must feel about it though!

As always, New York is buzzing. Our driver from the airport brought us past streets filled with trailers filming a movie. Apparently Matt Damon is in town filming. We didn’t see him, but we saw the crowds waiting to. Central Park looks gorgeous with all the trees and flowers (it was January when we were here last so it wasn’t very green then!). Fifth Avenue and the shops beckon, along with all the other amazing sights.

I can’t wait to wake up tomorrow morning and explore!

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