Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A Wonderful Weekend

I spent this weekend with my cousin and her family in Southern Ontario. (Unfortunately we forgot to take group photos until the last day - when my cousin’s husband had to go to work so he is missing from this photo which is a real shame.)

On Saturday my cousins invited lots of other family to come and visit and we had a wonderful time visiting with everyone. We were celebrating some family birthdays, including my Aunt’s 79th and my Uncle’s 84th.

We spent the rest of the weekend just relaxing, going to the beautiful beach near their home and visiting. It was wonderful. On Monday morning before we left we went for the neighborhood walk - most days lots of folks from the neighborhood get together to walk their dogs - and I got to meet a lot of the people my cousin talks about regularly. We were able to “put names to faces” as one of the ladies said - and they got to to the same with us. We also got to meet their very cute dogs.

Our visit with my cousins was one of the highlights of our holiday We all get along so well, and my cousins are so hospitable. My cousin Esther is also a wonderful cook - and she bakes beautiful cakes - so we were treated to some very delicious meals. It was so lovely to be able to spend time with people we are so fond of - and to be able to relax and just be ourselves.

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