Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Important Things In Life

Yesterday I was going to write about my frustrations with modern appliances, how obsolescence seems to be built in and how even brand new machines go wrong before you have even had them a few months. I was going to expound on how angry I was with Hotpoint because my broken six month old tumble dryer still is not fixed, due to the fact that the second repairman showed up yesterday with the wrong part. I would have explained my irritation at their complete lack of regard for my time, and for their refusal to provide me with a machine that actually works. In short, I was going to rant about something that seemed terribly important to me at the time. And don’t get me wrong, I still have a bone to pick with Hotpoint, but it will wait.

You see, yesterday afternoon I had one of those phone calls - the ones that make your heart plummet right to the bottom of your gut. My husband rang and said his mother had had a stroke. She has not been terribly well for some time, but it was still a shock.

Now, aside from being a really lovely person, my husband’s mum is something of a force of nature. She is the kind of person who carries on regardless, the sort who can be very ill indeed, but you would have absolutely no idea. So it came as no surprise to me that almost immediately after he spoke to me, my husband was speaking to the lady herself from her hospital bed. There she was, reassuring everyone else when she herself must be feeling very worried indeed.

And when we did arrive at the hospital, we found her sitting up, looking totally together and absolutely well, despite the fact that she is still experiencing symptoms and undergoing tests. She did not once complain - in fact had only praise for every medical person she had met that day - and seemed more concerned with the fact it was late and we had not eaten than that she was in hospital.

As we drove home late yesterday evening, my husband and I talked about lots of things. And eventually, after all talk of family had been exhausted and we sat in silence, he asked about the tumble dryer. I found myself telling him of my experience that day and he offered to phone Hotpoint and try to sort them out. It was at that point I had a bit of an epiphany. I looked at him and said - “I really appreciate the offer , but on second thought, it just isn’t important enough to waste energy getting upset about.”

And do you know what? It isn’t. We have more important things -people in particular - to worry about.

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