Thursday, October 22, 2009

My Garden's Evolution

The top four photographs are taken from the same angles as the ones yesterday. The bottom left and bottom right photographs are of the corners of the “side” of the L-shape that is our garden which I did not do “before” photographs of. As you can see the chaps from the Creative Landscape Company have begun to remove the grass for the kitchen garden outside the utility room door and behind the side of the garage. (See yesterday's blog entry for more specific details). They have also widened the flower bed along that side, as well as starting to dig the borders all round the rest of the garden. It’s beginning to come together!

The raised beds in the kitchen garden are going to be made with weathered pressure treated wood, and yesterday I had the choice of either black or a shade of pale green. I chose the green so it will match in with the fence panels we already have. I was going to get one of Rocket Gardens’ winter vegetable gardens to plant in one of the raised beds, but I had an email from them earlier this week and they have sold out. I first saw Rocket Gardens at the Good Food Show at Olympia last year. They sell complete gardens in miniature - baby plants of organic vegetables and herbs that sent out ready to plant for a virtually instant garden. Oh well, perhaps I will try one of their spring vegetable gardens next year.

I’m getting excited about planting. It’s so lovely to have an almost blank canvas to work with. Once my friend S arrives later today I’ll be able to start formulating a real plan.

I was hoping all the groundwork would all be finished by Friday, however, I’m beginning to wonder if that is possible now. There is still quite a lot of work to be done. We’ll have to see. For the moment, I am just incredibly grateful the rain is holding off!!