Sunday, October 25, 2009

Over to Me

The gardeners pretty much finished yesterday afternoon. They are coming back on Monday to do a bit more tidying up but basically they everything on their brief is done. The change in the garden is tremendous and I am really, really pleased, but of course this now means that it is “over to me” in terms of getting the planting done.

I love how the kitchen garden with its raised beds has turned out:-

The gardeners have suggested putting a trellis across the garden to “hide” the raised beds. I could grow a climbing plants up it. They would then merge the side bed into a bed in front of the trellis. I’m considering it, although I do intend to make the kitchen garden a pretty one so I’m not sure if I want to hide it or not!

I’m pleased with the other flower beds as well. The existing bed is much wider now, and although the beds along the fences might look narrow in the photograph, they are actually quite deep. It is going to be a challenge to fill them all up with plants.

We’ve even got a base for a shed tucked in behind the garage at the side of the garden. It’s great to see that area all cleared out - it was full of overgrown plants.

So now, it is very much over to me in terms of buying some plants and getting them in. (And over to my husband in terms of the shed!) Sadly I’m too late for much of an autumn kitchen garden, but the raised beds will sit happily till the spring and I can plant them up then. I may even have a go at raising some plants from seed. The flower beds definitely need work though. All I have at the moment for them are some bulbs and lots of ideas. We have a couple of busy weeks coming up with trips to Athens and Paris so I’ll start on the planting when I get back. Watch this space!