Friday, October 23, 2009

Nearly There

As you can see, the raised beds for the “kitchen garden” have been installed and are just waiting to have their lining finished and the topsoil put in. There will be gravel all around them when they are finished as well. The beds along the sides of the garden are also coming along beautifully. It looks like we may be on track for completion tomorrow afternoon as planned!

Meanwhile, my lovely friend Sylvia came to visit yesterday. She is amazing at gardening. Her own garden is gorgeous and she designed and did a lot of the work on our garden in the house we owned before this one. As it was a few years ago, Sylvia and I did all the work on that one ourselves, with a bit of help from my husband and son. As I’m a bit older and perhaps a tad wiser, this time I decided to bring in some nice gardeners to do the heavy work. I’m just saving the fun stuff - like planting - for me! Sylvia and I spent hours yesterday talking about what sort of plants I wanted, colour schemes and even garden sculptures (although I think I’m going for the sculptural tree she suggested as opposed to anything made of stone or iron). We’ve worked right through the seasons so there will be colour all the time. I can’t wait to get started!

Aside from all that it was just lovely to see Sylvia. As we live 150 miles apart, we last got together before Christmas and that was just waaay too long ago. We had a great time going through loads of gardening books, weighing up lots of planting options, going out for a great Chinese meal with my son and drinking a few glasses of red wine. Wonderful! Sylvia headed off home this morning, leaving me with tons of inspiration and ideas.

My husband gets back from Paris tonight and not only can I not wait to see him, I can’t wait for him to see the garden. We may have to wait until morning though as it will be dark by the time he gets home....

As for me, my son and I are off this evening to help my cousin and cousin-to-be decorate the village hall where they are holding their wedding reception tomorrow. I’m so excited about their wedding! Not only have I not been to a wedding in ages, but they are such lovely people it makes it extra special.

Have a lovely weekend everyone :-)