Tuesday, November 11, 2008

10th November 2008

After a very busy week, I was looking forward to the weekend. However as it involved some travel and I had not been feeling exactly a hundred percent, I was a bit nervous about the whole idea. I need not have been. It was a wonderful weekend.

We arrived in Burton-on-Trent about 11am on Saturday , just in time for my appointment with Eve at Eden Beauty. Eden Beauty is undergoing an expansion at the moment, and it is looking just incredible. We’ve been going to Eve for years now (men go to aestheticians too!) and she is wonderful. By the time I left just after 2.30pm, I was feeling much more relaxed, my skin was glowing from a wonderful facial and my hands and feed were immaculate.

Then it was off to see our hairdresser, Joe. She’s been cutting our hair (all three of us) and colouring mine for over fourteen years and has just opened her own wonderful salon. I was so thrilled to see her fantastic premises. They are beautifully decorated, and having your hair done is totally relaxing with loads of magazines and a television to keep you busy whilst your colour is developing. Joe is amazing and I left feeling gorgeous. The 21st Century Husband and Teenager were looking pretty good too!

We normally would have gotten together with friends if we were planning an overnight stay but as we had been a bit under the weather we decided on an early dinner and an early night. We decided to stay at a place that is full of memories for us – The Mickleover Court Hotel. Seven years ago we held two big 10th wedding anniversary parties, one in England and one in Canada. Both were amazing fun. The party in England, which followed a beautiful church service during which we renewed our vows, was held at the Mickleover Court. It was a fabulous occasion; I can still see my parents dancing and laughing together. This was the first time I had been back since then and I was not disappointed – except in that their wonderful restaurants were both shut so we had to go into Derby for dinner.

That turned out well too though as we ended up at Little Frankie's in Derby and had a delicious, casual meal and a lot of laughs. Guy and Alex had ribs, and I had a vegetable risotto. Both were amazing, as were the delicious desserts. Guy had ice cream, Alex had a cinnamon waffle combination and I had a yummy cherry crumble with ice cream. We headed back to our hotel around nine o’clock, comfortably full and relaxed.

Alex had his own room, but we all chilled out together in ours, reading and using our computers. The rooms really were lovely, very spacious and beautifully decorated, and very good value for money at £80 per room for superior rooms. The beds were not the most comfortable in the world, but I’ve been finding that in most hotels lately. I think I’m being spoiled by the wonderful new mattress we bought not so long ago!

After breakfast the next morning we realised we had some time before we needed to meet our friends who were taking us to lunch. So we decided to go back to our old church – St Peter’s in Littleover. It was originally built in the fourteenth century and is very beautiful. The ministry team are dynamic and inspiring and it was such a delight to see all our old friends again including the lovely vicar and her husband, who preached the sermon this week. I was quite nervous as it was the first time I had been back in church since losing both my parents, plus it was Remembrance Day. The latter occasion on its own is enough to reduce me to tears as I feel so moved by what was done (and is still being done) for us by the brave servicemen and women who fought and died for us. The service was wonderful though and I found it very comforting. I also managed not to shed too many tears – my mascara survived anyway!

Then it was off to the Brookhouse Hotel for lunch with my lovely friend Alice, her daughter, grand-daughter and son in law. The meal was delicious and the company was wonderful. It was such a lovely day. I’m so grateful to have had such a lovely relaxing weekend!

Today it is back to the chaos of the week, but I’m trying very hard to “be nice to myself”, as I was admonished to be by my yoga teacher recently. Just because I’m busy doesn’t mean I need to get stressed. And nobody’s perfect, so I really have to stop trying to be. Actually that is a good mantra for any 21st Century Housewife – or anyone for that matter - be nice to yourself and stop trying to be perfect. It makes life so much easier – and a lot more fun!!

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