Saturday, November 29, 2008

A Weekend En Famille

We have friends visiting for the weekend – The 21st Century Teenager’s Godmother and her sons. The 21st Century Husband collected the boys last night, and our friend is joining us after work this evening. The five of us had such a fun evening last night just eating pizza and watching a movie on the Apple TV. It was wonderful. We watched “Don’t Mess with the Zohan” starring Adam Sandler, which was very good, extremely funny and just what we needed on a Friday night after a busy week. The boys enjoyed it too.

This morning we’ve been staying around home as we were waiting to have our Sky HD Box installed. We’ve had Sky for ages, but when we visited our friends recently we saw how wonderful their HD service was and decided we would get it. The 21st Century Teenager has inherited the old Sky + box, with which he is very pleased indeed as it has a much bigger hard drive. It only took the chaps about half an hour to switch the boxes round so it was quite painless really, no drilling through walls or anything which drives me crazy!

This afternoon we are going to head off into town for some shopping with the boys, and then come back and do some more jobs while the boys chill out. Although they are going to be helping us move my wonderful old table that I’ve had refinished into the kitchen. It belonged to my Mom and Dad, and to my Mom’s mom before that, and was a big part of my life when I was growing up. My parents used it daily until they moved into the retirement home which is when it came to me. I remember lots of card games round that table in years gone by. I can still see my Grandpa Killingback sitting at it playing Crib with me – and my Dad too. Mom, Dad and I had some fabulous games of wild rummy round that table as well. Plus it was the table we ate dinner from for the first fifteen years of my life – so lots and lots of memories! It’s going to be fantastic to have my old friend back in the kitchen in daily use. I do need to buy some new chairs as sadly the old chairs were really falling apart. There are two of them left which I do use but we didn’t refinish them as they are literally on their last legs. When you sit on them you have to be very careful indeed. So I’m on the lookout for some funky chairs, maybe leather ones, that are not too expensive. There are lots of sales on here. For now we’ll use the chairs from the glass table that is being retired. The upholstery on them is beginning to wear but they’ll do for the moment.

The 21st Century Husband is on his way back from collecting my car at the garage – it has been making a noise on the front left side ever since I got it in June which hopefully this time is fixed. It’s their third time trying so hopefully it’s third time lucky.

Now I’m off to put some lunch together for three hungry young men!

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