Friday, November 14, 2008

A Busy Week

As always, I found Remembrance Day on Tuesday to be a very moving experience. I watched the ceremony from the Cenotaph in London on the BBC. I feel such a huge amount of gratitude for the sacrifices made for our freedom by so many souls, both in the past and now in the present, and such a profound sense of sorrow that their sacrifice was necessary to preserve it. Especially now that the 21st Century Teenager is coming up to 16, the age at which many boys went to war, I find myself overwhelmed by the thought of all those young men going off into battle. My own Grandpa Killingback was 15 when he enlisted to fight in World War 1. Both he and his mother lied about his age, insisting he was 16. Thankfully he lived to return home, honourably discharged at 18 after being wounded in France. I watched with a huge sense of pride as the oldest living World War One veteran in England, Henry Allingham, laid his own wreath on the Cenotaph. He is 112 years old, and although he was unable to get up out of his wheelchair he somehow managed with a bit of help to lay the wreath himself actually on the steps. Fellow veterans Harry Patch aged 110 and Bill Stone aged 108 also laid wreaths. To read more about their amazing tribute to their fallen comrades, please click here. To watch a video of the event on the BBC website, please click here. The BBC also have a wonderful Remembrance Day section on their site, which you can see by clicking here.

From our trip up to the orthodontist in Birmingham on Tuesday to visits to three different Sixth Form College open evenings, it’s been a really busy week here! (Sixth Form is Grades 12 and 13 in England, and many students choose to leave their own school and attend Sixth Form College.) We’ve all been fighting off colds as well so it’s been a bit challenging. The 21st Century Teenager was sent home from school yesterday because he was so ill with his cold. Did I ever feel like a horrible mother for sending him to school – but his school are so threatening about the dire consequences of absences I was almost relieved that they had sent him home, so as to take the blame off me for keeping him home! After sleeping till nearly ten o’clock this morning he seems to be feeling a lot better thank goodness, as are we all.

We’ve got some fun things coming up this weekend. We are visiting both MPH in Birmingham and the BBC Good Food Show in London. I’m most excited about the Good Food Show as we have tickets to see the domestic goddess herself, Nigella Lawson, making recipes from her book Nigella Christmas.

For now though, it’s back to the glamour of washing and ironing!

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