Thursday, November 06, 2008

History in the Making

I seldom become involved in the politics of other countries (I figure you really ought to live in a place before you comment on its internal politics), but I have to say the election of Barack Obama really did make me happy. I am sure I was not the only one to shed a little tear of joy that silly prejudices are finally being discarded. I don’t know if I would be a Democrat or a Republican if I was an American, but regardless of his party, President-Elect Obama has a charisma and positivity I have not seen in a world leader for a long time. I do think it is wonderful that an African American has finally been elected to the Presidency. It’s about time. However I don’t like to focus on that because I really don’t think his colour is important in the grand scheme of things. The election of Mr Obama is the embodiment of the premise that colour does not and should not matter. Whilst his colour may have inspired people, it would does him a dis-service to concentrate on it too much. It is not the only reason he was elected. He’s got something really special going for him that has nothing to do with the colour of his skin.

Barack Obama’s refrain of “Yes we can” may have caused some mirth over here in Britain because there is a little cartoon character with a yellow hard hat called Bob the Builder whose strap line is “Bob the Builder, Can we fix it? Yes we can!”, but it is a wonderful ethos to have. How often have you heard “Yes we can” in the news recently other than in association with President Elect Obama’s campaign? We all seem to be stuck in a cycle of glooms dooms. Regardless of how serious the situations we find ourselves in, be they international relations or the world economic crisis, surely a positive attitude is better than a negative one. I pray the “Yes we can” philosophy spreads throughout America and out into the world. Without a positive attitude we can’t hope to cope with any of the things that are happening now on the world stage. In fact, we could use a little positivity in our leadership over here in the United Kingdom as well, and I do wish we had a leader as charismatic and encouraging as Barack Obama appears to be. Despite that, it can’t help but encourage folks here and indeed world-wide to see America’s leader facing the future with positivity and hope.

It’s also wonderful to see the dynamic between him and his family and it is exciting to think of a new dawn in the White House. It’s quite a lot of pressure to suggest that someone recreate the Camelot of the Kennedy years, but if any First Family can do it (if indeed they want to), I’m sure the Obamas can. And if her wardrobe on the campaign trail was any indication, Michelle Obama is going to be a very fashionable First Lady indeed. Having said that, I am sure that she will be remembered for much more than that – she seems a positive force to be reckoned with in her own right and one who will do a lot of good.

I have seen history being made many times, and some events stick in my memory more than others. The election of Barack Obama is one of those events I know I’ll never forget. I hope that his presidency fulfils both his own and his country’s hopes and that it also benefits the world as a whole. I wish him and his family all the best in their amazing new lives and hope that despite the pressure of his job, they will know many happy years in the White House.

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