Friday, May 22, 2009

And We're Off Again

I’m sitting in the British Airways lounge again waiting for another flight. I do love travelling. It’s one of my favourite things to do.

This has been one of the least stressful departures we have had in some time. Finally, after years of practice, I’ve just about cracked the packing thing. I used to get all stressed about it, but I think I’ve finally got past that. Admittedly, packing for three can be a challenge. No, no one packs in our house except me. They pack their own carry-on bags, but in terms of major luggage, that is my job. I’m not quite sure why, but that is just how it is. To be honest, I have to admit that in some ways it is easier doing it myself.

I also planned things out better this time, booking a one-on-one yoga class yesterday afternoon. It was great because I ended up feeling both energised and relaxed at the same time, exactly what I needed.

And once again I have realised that how you look at something can fundamentally change your whole experience. Because I do find packing and getting ready to go on a trip stressful, it seems to rub off on the whole family so that by the time we go out the door we are all frazzled beyond belief. This always perplexed me because, as we travel so much, you would think we would all be very relaxed.

So this time I made a conscious decision to be more calm about the whole thing, and to stop letting the sight of three empty suitcases intimidate me. Well, not only did I get packed up more easily than ever before, but I managed to do a lot of housecleaning while I was doing it - defeating the ironing monster and totally conquering a basket full of un-matched socks that had been lurking in the laundry room for ages. Plus we left the house laughing as opposed to being grumpy with each other. It was wonderful!

It’s just a shame it took me twenty years to figure this one out - but I sure am glad I finally have!

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