Saturday, May 30, 2009

Coming Home

I’m feeling much more optimistic than I did yesterday. I’m such an old fashioned wife - I get all depressed when I know I’m going to have to be apart from my husband for any time at all. It was really hard saying goodbye at San Francisco airport. I almost felt teary. Our son was completely bemused. He shook his head and said, “It’s only five days - buck up Mum”! We were lucky to be able to go along to San Francisco in any case, and we really did have a lovely time. But I am really looking forward to when my husband gets home on Thursday.

I was also feeling more optimistic when I arrived home to see the sunshine. It’s not often I arrive at Heathrow in the sunshine!! It was also really warm, in the mid-twenties Celsius, so not unlike the weather we had in the San Francisco area. England is so beautiful in the sunshine.

We had a bit of excitement when we were getting off the plane. My son and I were upstairs in business class and as we were coming down the stewardess suddenly realised they had not let the people in first class (who were on the main deck, walking towards us) off yet. Of course, first class and business are supposed to get off first, in that order. So she asked us to wait. I stopped on the steps, put my bag down, looked up and found myself staring straight at Sean Penn. It was one of those weird milliseconds when you think you know someone, but then you realise you just know of them. Of course I said nothing (no one wants to be recognised getting off the red-eye flight!) but it did make getting off the plane just a bit more interesting than normal!

And so we are home again. The time has just flown today, I cannot believe I have managed to stay up so late (it is nearly 11pm). I feel really refreshed and renewed actually, full of lots of ideas and energy. It’s amazing how much good a short break in the sunshine can do you!

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