Sunday, June 15, 2008

14th June 2008

Guy got home Friday morning at 6am. He brought me a huge box full of the most beautiful orchids from Singapore. They are dotted all over the house in vases now, looking amazing.

Friday seemed to disappear in a whirl of activity. The bullies at Alex’s school are back in action, just generally making certain classes an absolute misery. The teachers have totally lost control in some cases and the bullies seem to be taking over. Guy has had enough and has put his foot down. Finally, we’re getting prompt and decisive replies. It’s about time. So many children are being bullied at Denefield. I cannot believe that such a rough school can exist on the fringes of such a lovely area. We were really mislead when we were looking at schools as well, with everyone we spoke to saying how good Denefield was. Of course, most of them were from the company building our house so we should have known, but it was a time of such great upheaval in our lives we were easily mislead. The nice kids are just getting swallowed up in the chaos. It’s horrific. If only Alex was not in the middle of his GCSE’s we could get him out of there. As it is, we are pretty stuck. So we need to make sure that changes are made and the bullies are put in their place. If we don’t anywhere this time, we’ll file a formal complaint with the local education authority. In the meantime, poor Alex has another year there. But he has a fabulous attitude and is such a tough cookie I know he will triumph.

I really do worry about the state of youth in Britain today though – so many of them are clearly headed in totally the wrong direction. Of course, the general attitude of doom and gloom being forced down their throats by the media, their teachers and society in general really does not help. The kids I’ve spoken to talk of being told in class that they “will never find a job, be able to buy a house, get ahead, do well or anything” as the economic climate is so challenging. Well, if they keep getting told that, they will begin to believe it. We grew up in a tough economic climate as well – but hard work, some divine intervention, lots of blessings and a good attitude have meant that we have done very well. So can the children today, if they are equipped with the right attitude and a good dose of optimism. But in almost every instance, they do not seem to be getting it. I feel like the voice in the wilderness sometimes, talking about positive thinking, hard work and things turning out well despite everything. For heaven’s sake, some of the most amazing success stories have occurred in the midst of some of the most difficult economic and social climates throughout history. Why should now be any different?

Okay, so I’ll hop down off my soapbox now! We had a good day in spite of all that and really enjoyed having a chance to sleep in this morning. After a nice lazy start we got going on sorting out some of the chaos in the garage and some of the clutter in the house and really made super progress. Guy and I headed off to the dump with yet another carload of recycling and then went to Costco to stock up on cleaning products. It was so busy in there. It seemed like half of Reading had decided to do the same thing as we had. But we finally made our way out of there with everything we needed and got home in time for lunch. Alex had put a quiche in the oven for us so it was all ready when we got home. I threw a salad together and we were sorted.

The “Big Band” Alex plays with were playing a garden party this afternoon. It was hosted by Berkshire Maestros, the group that runs most of the music lessons for children in Berkshire and also has various bands for them to play in. So we went along there and enjoyed an afternoon of really great music by various bands and ensembles. There are some incredibly talented young people out there!

Tonight we watched "Over Her Dead Body" on the Apple TV. It was very funny and we all thoroughly enjoyed it. I felt so sorry for Eva Longoria’s character though! I was told I was taking it all far too seriously of course and I have to admit, I have not laughed so hard in a very long time.

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