Sunday, June 15, 2008

Thursday 12th June 2008

Finally, it’s Thursday night! I am literally counting the hours till tomorrow morning and Guy arriving home. As I have said before, the one part of being a corporate wife I hate is business trips. Guy is brilliant at keeping in touch, and we speak on Skype so we can see each other and everything. But I still hate it. I am more myself when he is here, happier and more content.

We are really lucky actually. When most couples we knew were feeling the seven year itch – or worse, divorcing – Guy and I were still like newlyweds. As the years have progressed, thankfully not much has changed. The only problem with this is that I really find it hard when he is away. I’m a bit funny like that. I don’t do “girly weekends” or anything like that as I’d much rather be with Guy and Alex. Thankfully Guy isn’t much into things beginning with “boy’s” either. (Except “boy’s toys” like fast cars but that’s another story!) We do things separately of course – when Guy goes to the British Grand Prix later this year I definitely won’t be there. It’s not my cup of tea at all. But we usually only do things like that for a day. All three of us, Alex included, are very family oriented. Perhaps I’m old fashioned, but I think it is one of the reasons we are still all together after all this time. “The family that prays and plays together, stays together” is something I really feel is a truism.

Anyway, today has been good fun. I went to Pilates this morning and then had a manicure. Of course, my favourite place for manicures is still Eden Beauty in Burton-on-Trent, but now I am living “down South” I needed to find somewhere a bit closer for every day. I still go to Eden Beauty regularly – at least once every six weeks – but I need somewhere I can go for regular maintenance, if you know what I mean! So I went to Permanent Beauty in Reading. They are located in the same building as my Pilates instructor, so it’s very convenient, and they do a lot more than just the laser treatment and medical beauty they advertise on their website. I’m still not quite at that stage yet! But I had a super “Anti-Aging” manicure and my hands are incredibly soft. They are actually almost glowing – which I know sounds daft, but they really are – kind of like my face does after a facial! I’m really pleased. My therapist was lovely too.

After Alex got back from school and I had spoken to Guy as he got on the plane, I realised I had a few errands I needed to run. We are so lucky to have Pangbourne just down the road. I was able to go to the post office, the bank, the pet store (for bird seed – we have incredibly hungry birds lately!), and my favourite cheese shop all within a half hour. Pangbourne is a wonderful little village that way – really everything you need is right on the high street.

So now I’m buzzing round sorting everything out and trying to get tidy so I can spend as much time as possible this weekend relaxing. Guy does not have to go into work tomorrow (it’s considered a “travel day”) and he has taken Monday off, so we’ve got a super long weekend. I’m really looking forward to it.

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