Tuesday, June 03, 2008

It's Tuesday already...

We had a wonderful day in Burton on Saturday. We got everything we needed to do done, and even managed to catch up with friends - who we had not seen for six months(!)- for a coffee. On Sunday I collected my new car. I am so pleased with it. It is a Chrysler Crossfire Roadster convertible. Not a very practical car - it only seats two and is not the most environmentally friendly little guy on the block - but I love it. It is such fun to drive - and I promise I am obeying the speed limit!! It was lovely and sunny on Sunday so we got lots of chance to drive with the top down. Yesterday and today it has been rainy, but it is still fun to drive even with the roof up!

It has been a typical busy week. In between drives in the new car, Guy and I went to Costco to stock up on Sunday (in his car I hasten to add!). In addition to the stock items we needed (boring stuff like paper towel and Zip Lock bags - Costco is the only place in England you can find Glad Ziplock!), we got another Roomba robotic hoover. We already have one of the first generation models, and this is another generation up - a 530. They really do work (although of course you do need to vacuum with a proper hoover every once in a while). You can find out more by following this link http://www.domotec.uk.com/roomba_robot_cleaners/10000_0c.html.

I have not been able to use the Roomba since we moved due to the way new carpets shed fibres but as it has been six months it's now safe to let the robots loose again! I'll use the old one upstairs and the new one downstairs.

Yesterday was a busy day with personal training in the morning and yoga in the afternoon. I felt so relaxed after yoga I didn't even mind it when Guy was late coming home. He was interviewing a new person for his team and the chap could not come in till 7.15pm so it all dragged on a bit. Even though it was well after 9pm, we had a lovely dinner. We had pasta, and I finally made bruschetta. It was a great success and it is now recipe of the week on http://www.21stcenturyhousewife.com/.

Today is one of those "housewifely" days with lots of things arriving and appointments. I've taken delivery of our lovely new console table in the hall from Laura Ashley. To see it, click here. At 2pm I've got a garden designer arriving just to see if we can get some ideas for our very large L-shaped garden, and at 3pm a delivery from John Lewis is arriving. Then this evening Alex has band, and so it goes...

Guy is on holiday Wednesday, Thursday and Friday for my birthday treat. I'm so looking forward to spending a few days with him - and to celebrating with him and Alex!

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