Tuesday, June 03, 2008

30th May 2008

It is wonderful to be home. We arrived back at Heathrow in the early evening and were collected by the driver who was waiting for us. The traffic was not too bad, even though it was Friday, so we decided to head on into Reading and have dinner at Pizza Express which we always enjoy.

Actually today was quite a nice day, spent relaxing round the hotel, walking along the footpaths by the River Lee and eating lovely lunches and teas. Poor Guy was working and hit all the stress – returning the rental car (which was so slow we swore it was diesel, only to find out it was petrol when we went to fill it up!), racing for the plane and driving back. As for me, the shopping at Cork airport was not too bad either and I managed to pick up some treats on the way home – non calorific ones of course (especially after the amazing food we have had these last two days)! Guy sat in the lounge and worked waiting for the plane bless him.

I was reading In Style magazine on the plane, and was really interested in the interview in the current issue with Rene Zellweger. I particularly loved the quote “There's no yearning with me. There's intention.” I found that quote incredibly inspiring and I’m so grateful to her for including it in her interview. What an amazing lady.

We’ve just been watering our new plants, and expressing frustration at our poor milkman – who despite being told we were away still delivered milk and a sample of orange juice today! Luckily I have a cooler thing and as it has been far from summery both milk and orange juice stayed cool enough. We’ll have them tomorrow for breakfast with our Krispy Kreme donuts we picked up on the way home.

Tomorrow we are back off to Burton as Guy and Alex have haircuts booked. Hopefully we will manage to catch up with a few friends and have a bit of fun as well. On Sunday I get to collect my new car and I can’t wait!

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