Monday, July 21, 2008

19th July 2008

We are having a lovely weekend with our friends who are staying with us this weekend. It’s a good chance for us all to take a break and relax together. Alex is still working at Calleva on the Insula IX Town Life Project. The photograph at left is a picture of the dig which I took when we went along with our friends today. The progress that they have made since we were there last Saturday is staggering. In the bit that Alex is excavating they have found the edges of a hearth. I am still awed by the idea that at Calleva I am standing on top of a whole village; people’s houses, shops, temples, everything.

I must admit I was running around like a bit of a mad woman earlier today trying to get everything ready for the weekend. I seem to be permanently disorganised at the moment. But when you stand at the edge of the excavation at Silchester, you suddenly realise there are more important things in life than the things we get to thinking are so important on a daily basis. One day, thousands of years from now, my house will be under tons of soil just like Calleva. So it doesn’t really matter if my house isn’t perfect or I haven’t got absolutely everything for the perfect meal. It’s far more important I enjoy my life and spend time with friends. Never has it hit me so hard to think that “we are dust”. It’s by our deeds men will remember us, not our stuff. And no one will know whether I lived up to my own impossibly high standards or not.

Time to go have some fun.

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