Monday, July 28, 2008

School's Out For Summer!

School’s out for summer! Alex finished on Wednesday. I love the school holidays. They make me feel like a kid again. The weather has picked up as well so that makes a huge difference. Being a country where the annual rainfall appears to be about 150 feet, we get very excited when it’s sunny and warm here!

We’ve had a super couple of days so far, including a fabulously productive shopping trip for Alex on Thursday. We found loads of clothes for him and he looks really smart in his new things. He was getting a bit desperate actually as we discovered last week he only had three pairs of trousers to his name – two dress pairs for school, one of which had seen much better days, and one pair of jeans. I did think I was having to do an awful lot of washing the last little while actually, but it turns out that Alex didn’t have many clothes! It was a great shopping expedition actually – one of those where it is actually fun to shop, you are all in a good mood and things fit – in short one where you actually have to make choices in order to stick to your budget as opposed to struggling to find anything that you like that fits. We also had a nice lunch, and stopped for coffee mid-afternoon so it was relaxed and enjoyable for us both.

All this has been made so much sweeter by Alex’s announcement that he does not, after all, want to go to boarding school for sixth form. The idea of a shared bathroom has finally hit home. Alex doesn’t even share a bathroom at home, he has his own. And as we only have one child, he has two of our five bedrooms for his own – one as a bedroom and one as a study. I think the shared accommodation at boarding school might not have been the best choice in view of this. Now you may be thinking that it was me who enlightened him but actually it was a few conversations with folks who were actually at boarding school. Luckily – and with no prompting from me – they all went on about how it is not as luxurious as it might seem from a distance. Funnily enough, Alex said after he made his announcement that I “must have been praying for this”. To my credit, I was not. I never did pray he would decide not to go. It was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done, but I did not do it. I am determined never, ever to hold my son back. There is nothing worse than clinging to your kids. When it is time to let go – as hard as it will be – it’s time to let go. But I’ve had a reprieve, and I’m enjoying every minute of it!

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