Tuesday, July 08, 2008

7th July 2008

Guy went to the British Grand Prix yesterday. Alex had rehearsals for an evening concert so he and I stayed behind. It was one of those really chaotic days with everyone in different places. Luckily Guy made it back to see Alex play in his concert, slipping into his seat just a few minutes before Alex came on stage. This was despite sitting in traffic for hours, desperately trying different routes to get back. I was so grateful he managed to be there.

I must admit, I didn’t exactly bound of bed full of enthusiasm for my Monday morning this morning. I felt utterly exhausted. But once again, exercise saved the day. After a good run (on the treadmill as it was raining sadly) and some floor exercises I felt like a new person. I’ve lost an inch off my waist in the last month, with no dieting at all, just with the exercise. It is wonderful watching my body reshape itself with the help of some willpower, a great personal trainer, wonderful Pilates instructor and excellent yoga teacher!

It really is a busy time here, with so much going on. There are a lot of end of term activities for Alex, including a last minute rush for the few remaining bits of coursework. Next week Alex has work experience at a Roman excavation. It sure beats stacking shelves at the grocery store, that’s for sure! I just hope the weather co-operates. I’m busy getting ready for the summer, so we can relax and enjoy the nicer weather and hopefully all three of us having more time together.

Alex and I have been cooking together a lot recently. I feel very strongly that young people should have a good repertoire of easy dishes they feel confident cooking. There are very few life skills more important than being able to feed yourself and your friends. Alex has really been enjoying it, and he’s beginning to develop some great recipes of his own, some of which he has very kindly given me permission to share on the new Food Blog. I’ll be adding them gradually over the next few weeks.

Guy is going to be working long hours the next couple of days, but I’m hopeful that things will slow down towards the weekend and we’ll have a bit of a lull. It’s been so busy lately I hardly know what task to take on next!

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