Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Another Day in Paradise

Once again I am sitting in the bar drinking a lovely glass of red wine, reflecting on a day during which my biggest decision was whether to have a walk or a snooze after lunch! The weather has been gorgeous, sunny and very hot in the morning so we went out to sun ourselves by the pool immediately after breakfast. We’ve been absolutely religious about sunscreen so we are all developing a nice colour. All, that is, except the 21st Century Teenager, who has, perhaps sensibly, decided his fair skin means he needs to seek our shade at all times. After the many sunburns of my youth I am thanking my lucky stars I have such a sensible son.

At 12.30 the 21st Century Husband and I went off to the spa, where we had treatments booked. Sadly you have to be 16 to go into the spa, so the 21st Century Teenager was left out, but he amused himself in the sunshine with his friends. Guy had a hot stone massage which totally invigorated him. I had a back treatment and facial and am so mellow I am practically horizontal. It was a fantastic treatment, including a head massage with a special ESPA pink hair and scalp mud that has left my hair baby soft. My skin is glowing as well. So Guy and I are booked in again on Friday for some more pampering.

Today was a public holiday in Cyprus so we stuck close to the hotel, but tomorrow we plan a walk into Paphos. Apparently you can get to the harbour by walking along the seaside , you just turn left as you walk down to the beach. I’m excited to see some of the local area, including the mosaics which are some of the best preserved in the world.

This break is doing us all a power of good and I am so grateful for it!

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