Monday, October 27, 2008

Relaxing in Cyprus

Cyprus is lovely, very warm and mostly sunny. We are all feeling very relaxed, not surprising considering we are in such a lovely hotel, where virtually our every need is catered for! We are in a gated complex, but apparently Paphos itself is only a fifteen minute walk or a five minute taxi ride. We will probably check that out on Wednesday as we are going to spend part of tomorrow in the spa being pampered.

I’m surprised by how much I am sleeping actually. I keep nodding off in the sunshine when we are sitting by the pool (thankfully I am using SPF factor 50 so I’m not getting sunburned!). I guess the exhaustion of the last year has finally caught up with me, but I am so grateful to have the chance to rest and recover in such beautiful surroundings. It’s lovely to see the 21st Century Husband and the 21st Century Teenager relaxing so much as well.

Our biggest decision seems to be what to have for dinner. The hotel has seven restaurants so we are spoiled for choice. One of my favourite things is the breakfast – they have an omelette station where you can have your omelette made to order by a very jovial chef who shakes your hand, and after the first morning, addresses you by name! It’s a huge hotel, so how he does it, I do not know!!

Dinner last night was a bit disappointing. They do like to serve buffets here, but food is very expensive and I rankle at being asked to pay the equivalent of $60 to serve myself from a buffet! We are trying one of the other restaurants tonight, where the food is served to your table, despite urgings to come to the Cyprus evening in the same restaurant as last night. Even the temptation of music and dancing will not lure me back to the Limoniera buffet!

Lunches have been very nice in the Mediterranea Restaurant. You eat outside and much of the food is cooked on a giant barbeque. Today we watched, fascinated, as entire sea bass were cooked whole over the flames. Being unable to face a whole fish, I decided to go for the chicken kebab, which was really delicious.

So I’m sitting here in the Occidental Lounge Café, drinking a glass of wine, relaxing and enjoying the ambiance. I have to confess, all three of us are working on our computers, but that is the 21st Century Family for you! The hotel must be used to it, as here in the café there are power points in the floor to plug your computer into, and we certainly are not the only ones using them. What a change from family holidays of yesteryear!

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