Friday, October 17, 2008

Who Pressed the Fast Forward Button?

This week has passed by in a whirlwind. It honestly feels as if someone has pressed the “fast forward” button. Thankfully as we approach yet another weekend, I feel as I might nearly have located the “pause” button.

In some ways, it was great to have the time fly by this week. The 21st Century Husband was away for three days, and I never complain if time flies until he gets back. But now he has returned from his business trip, I’m pleased that we have a fairly relaxing weekend to look forward to. I can’t say it will be a quiet weekend, as we’ve got quite a lot going on (Alex is playing first trumpet in a concert, I need to get the flowerbeds ready for the winter before the weeds actually form a civilisation and take over the garden, there’s still unpacking to do from our move, etc), but at least it should be relaxing.

I must admit, life has been anything but relaxing for the past couple of weeks. Almost all of the very little time I have spent with the 21st Century Husband has been shared with work. Everywhere we have gone, even when we have tried to squeeze in some family time, it has come with us. Now despite rather damning evidence to the contrary, I’m not complaining. We have a wonderful lifestyle and work is very much its raison d’être. We even have a much needed holiday to Cyprus coming up in the half term break and that is only a week away. But therein lies the rub. Without the career, there would be no lovely holidays – and so any discontent I might dare to voice is rendered mute by the fact that the medicine (the holiday) is made possible by the very poison (the very nature of my husband’s job) which creates the need for it. How’s that for philosophical on a Friday afternoon?!

I have to admit I’m getting the holiday feeling a bit early though. The weather here has been beautiful – mostly sunny and warm in fact. If it weren’t for the gorgeous coloured leaves you would think it was springtime. So today I turned an errand I had to run to the local post office in Purley-on-Thames into lovely stroll in the sunshine. Once I’d completed my errand, I carried on walking down to Mapleduram Lock. It was a brilliant walk, during which I met lots of people and animals out enjoying the weather.

Here is one of them in the photo on the left. One of the fields I walk through often has cows in it, and they are very friendly souls. This one even lifted her head up to be photographed!

We are so blessed to have scenery like this on our doorstep. It makes going for a walk a pleasure!

After the 21st Century Teenager got home from school we headed off into town to do some shopping. Sorry, I need to clarify that – as I am constantly being reminded “town” means London and what I mean here is Reading town centre, not London-town! Anyway, it was a very successful expedition. We were actually only after a black shirt for the aforementioned teenager, but spent a very pleasant couple of hours having coffee and shopping. We came home with rather more than just a shirt! It was a very successful afternoon.

And so the weekend begins. Wishing you a good one!

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