Friday, October 31, 2008

Winter Sun in Cyprus

We sat outside until the sun sank into the sea today, savouring every last moment of our last full day here in Cyprus and drinking the pistachio milkshakes which have replaced our customary afternoon cup of tea. They are delicious concoctions, served icy cold in tall glasses. Even as a light breeze began to blow in from the sea, we sat under the palm trees, relaxing. We don’t leave until after 3pm tomorrow, but there is something special about that last full day.

It’s been a lovely day again today. We visited the spa again, Guy having a massage and me, a facial. The therapist also massaged special “pink hair and scalp” mud into my hair which despite how it sounds, actually made my hair softer than it has been in years. After two such treatments in three days, my hair is so shiny I can hardly believe it. (Of course, I have washed the mud out!) And as for my skin, it’s glowing. For the rest of the day, we strolled along the beach, sunned ourselves by the pool and just relaxed. It was wonderful.

So here I am in the lounge again, with a glass of champagne in my hand this time, looking forward to another lovely meal at Ristorante Bacco. Guy is just about to check us in for our flight tomorrow. It’s been a wonderful holiday.

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