Monday, December 29, 2008

Almost Ready for the Off

We slept late on Sunday morning, treating ourselves to brunch at 11am. The rest of the day was spent pottering around home, doing the odd jobs that crop up from time to time and beginning to get ready for our trip to New York on Wednesday. We also had a very pleasant walk down to Mapleduram Lock in the afternoon, although it was very cold indeed.

Today I have been rushing round like a headless chicken, trying to get everything ready not only for our visit to New York, but also for our friends to come and stay here whilst we are away. It was a beautiful day today and I was pleased to have the chance to nip out to Pangbourne to run some errands in the sunshine. I have to confess, I am getting really very excited about our trip. I can hardly believe we are going. I have been to New York before, but it always seems to be a flying visit, often on a tight budget. This time we are treating ourselves to a really special trip to celebrate the 21st Century Teenager’s sixteenth birthday. Staying at the Waldorf Astoria and eating in some of New York’s most famous restaurants, from the Russian Tea Rooms to the Rainbow Room at Rockefeller Centre, we are hoping to give him a celebration that he will always remember.

Of course, I always worry before we go that everything will be on time, and that all will go according to plan, especially as we are due to celebrate New Year’s Eve at one of the Waldorf’s three celebrations. Our flight arrives in the early afternoon, and dinner is of course not until the evening so we should be absolutely fine, but of course I worry despite that as I am a champion worrier! I have decided to just pray all is well and it will be.

We are now nearly packed, although I am up to my eyeballs in washing, ironing and sewing on buttons. For once we are taking a trip where I can dress up. I love dressing up and am very lucky to have accumulated a really nice collection of very classic dresses over the years. I seem to be able to choose things that do not date, so provided I am careful not to wear them in front of the same people twice, no one realises I have worn them again and again. As I do not know a living soul in New York City, I can practically guarantee no one will have seen me in any of them before. It has been fun going through my closets and finding my favourites. I have even managed to choose things that mean I only have to pack two pairs of shoes. For me, that is a record.

The 21st Century Husband is working today and tomorrow, but then he is on holiday for the duration of our trip. So, for now, roll on Wednesday morning…

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