Saturday, December 27, 2008

And a Good Time Was Had By All...

Christmas Eve, we had a late supper of the 21st Century Husband’s Tagliatelli with Bacon and Cream (see the Recipe of the Week for 31st December 2007 on my website ) which was easy and very delicious. We finished off Christmas Eve in the living room by the fire, having a drink while we wrapped the last of the presents. It was idyllic.

We were woken Christmas morning by the 21st Century Teenager, who brought us a cup of tea and urged us to hurry up and get downstairs to open the presents. We had a wonderful time the three of us opening our surprises. I was very spoiled, and am really grateful for the super things I was given, which included my favourite perfume, Coco by Chanel, and makeup from the favourite cosmetic company, Dior. We then had a quick breakfast of Bran Muffins (see the Recipe of the Week for 23rd July 2007 on my website ) which I had tweaked for Christmas by adding three big dessert spoonfuls of mincemeat to the batter after the raisins. They were delicious.

We then headed off to the 21st Century Husband’s parents for Christmas lunch. It was great to get together with everyone. The meal was delicious and the company was good too. We toasted Absent Friends, in tribute to all the people who had sat round the table on Christmas Day in years gone by who were no longer with us. This included my parents, and it was so nice to acknowledge them on this special day. I have so many happy memories of them at Christmas. In true British tradition, we finished our meal in time to watch The Queen’s Speech on the BBC. The Queen continues to amaze me, always somehow knowing what to say, and still looking so elegant and vital at a very great age. She is a real inspiration. Afterwards we chatted and then had some tea – and by this I mean a light meal, not just a cup of tea - before it was time to leave.

Boxing Day was spent with our friends at their new home in the country. We were served a wonderful meal and again, the company was super. We drank champagne and far too much wine, and late in the evening I learned to play Texas Hold’em Poker. We just played with chips, no money was involved, which was a good thing as despite being a seasoned card player, Poker is not really my game! Even the 21st Century Teenager managed to call my bluff! We then had a lovely supper of bread and cheese before retiring. (We had been invited to spend the night so that no one had to be the designated driver.) We left just before lunchtime this morning, after a delicious breakfast of croissants and many cups of tea.

It has been super to have two such wonderful days, spent with family and friends, but it is equally wonderful to be home again, just the three of us. We have a lot to do in the next few days, including getting ourselves ready for our visit to New York City and getting our house ready to host our friends who are coming to stay while we are away. They are attending the New Year celebrations in London. I must admit I am very excited about our visit to New York, and spent a pleasant hour this afternoon choosing what clothes to take, including a dress for the New Year’s Eve celebration we are attending at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel. I am praying everything falls into place over the next few days, that the weather in New York behaves itself and that flights are all on time. I am looking forward to another pleasant day at home tomorrow, with perhaps a walk in the afternoon if the weather co-operates. I could certainly use some exercise, after all the delicious food and drink I have been served over the past few days!

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