Friday, March 20, 2009

Black Ties and Big Ben

This painting, by Henderson Cisz, hangs in our living room. It’s one of my favourite views of London, looking over the Thames towards Westminster Palace, home of The House of Commons and the iconic Big Ben.

Tonight we are attending a dinner at there, in The House of Commons Members’ Dining Room. It’s a black tie celebration to mark the Golden Jubilee of the senior school the 21st Century Husband attended and is being held in the presence of the King of Greece, who is a patron of the school, and his wife.

I’ve always had a soft spot for Westminster Palace, or the Houses of Parliament as they are also known. My mom used to read me a Ladybird book about London when I was little. It had lots of paintings in it and it was the one of the Houses of Parliament that fascinated me the most. Later, when I watched the animated Disney version of Peter Pan, it was the scene where Peter flies over them that made me decide one day I had to come to England. Of course, once I did finally make it to England nearly fifteen years after that, I decided I wanted to live here and the rest, as they say, is history.

So today I am excited that, after twenty years living in this country, I finally get to go inside this iconic building. Everyone else is looking forward to the dinner and hobnobbing with the bigwigs - but I’m excited about the tour of the House of Commons and actually being inside this amazing building.

So tonight, when we are all dressed in our black ties and beautiful frocks, there will be a little five year old girl jumping up and down with excitement somewhere inside me. I only hope she doesn’t get out!!

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