Thursday, September 24, 2009

Budget Friendly Re-organisation

I’ve been on a bit of a roll since last week’s revamp of my bathroom cabinet, which you can see by clicking here if you missed it. I have been gradually working my way through some of those jobs that I have been “meaning to do” - like tidying this drawer.

I just kept putting things in it, making stuff very hard to find, especially as I use a lot of the things in it every day. Yet for some reason I never found time to sort it out. My excuse was I was trying to find some nice new drawer lining paper and could not find any I like. Actually, that was not far from the truth. I find most drawer lining paper costs such a lot that it seems ridiculously extravagant, and it is also usually very highly scented, often with scents I am not all that partial to. So I got to thinking about ways that I could perhaps get round the shelf paper issue. I know my Mom used to use brown parcel wrapping paper to line shelves from time to time in the kitchen and that was very effective, but I was hoping for something slightly prettier in my makeup and skin care drawer. Then I remembered a roll of wrapping paper my husband and son had bought to wrap my birthday presents. It was very pretty would go really well with the decoration in the bedroom. So I cut a piece of it to fit the drawer-

and I was very pleased with the results! It was even better once I sorted through everything and re-organised the drawer contents. (It’s good to go through cosmetic and skin care items every six months or so and throw away the old things - particularly mascara.)

So now my drawer looks like this:

Everything is much easier to find. The best bit is, the whole exercise cost absolutely nothing as I already had the drawer lining paper (wrapping paper) on hand - but even if I had bought new it would have been a lot cheaper than lining paper. The only thing I would say is to be careful that the dye on the wrapping paper is absolutely colour-fast if you are using it to line drawers you are going to put clothes in as it would be awful if it the dye got on your clothes. Perhaps in that case I might use my Mom’s idea of parcel wrapping paper as there is no risk of dye transfer, and just put a drop of essential oil on the paper for a light scent (making sure it was dry before putting anything in the drawer).

So there it is, my drawer re-vamp on a budget. It was so easy, I can’t wait to do the rest of the drawers now!

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