Friday, September 25, 2009

An Idea for Autumn Colour

In North America, people put wreaths on their front doors at all different times of the year, not just at Christmas. There are so many different kinds, including Easter wreaths with spring flowers, “welcome” wreaths with dried flowers and Autumn wreaths with dried and fresh harvest items. Wreaths are a great way to add a splash of colour, and they look just wonderful. It isn’t the tradition here in England though, so when I decided to get one, I knew I would have to have it made to order.

I had this gorgeous wreath made at Green Parlour in Pangbourne. It is a wonderful flower shop. My husband often buys me flowers there and they are always gorgeous. I also buy a lot of gifts there, as well as purchasing flowers for our home, so it was the first place I thought of when I decided I wanted an Autumn wreath for our front door. I was half afraid the staff might look at me a bit strangely, but of course they are far too nice for that at Green Parlour. A book was produced from the back room which had a photograph of a wreath very similar to what I wanted, helpful suggestions were proffered, and within a few minutes I had placed my order. It took a couple of weeks for the supplies to come through, but there really was no rush as Autumn was just getting underway.

This is the Green Parlour on the High Street in Pangbourne. It always looks so pretty.

There is a lovely big selection of bouquets, plants and potted flowers outside, and as you walk in the door you are greeted with a stunning selection of cut flowers, along with cute little aprons, pretty cloth bags, candles and other gifts. Every bouquet comes with a tiny handwritten tag describing the flowers in it, and plants have a similar tag with care instructions. This one came attached to a hand tied bouquet I bought this morning,

and this one to a beautiful pot of hydrangeas I bought last week.

The quality and attention to detail at Green Parlour hark back to another era of service and I really enjoy shopping there. I was so pleased when I collected the wreath this morning. It was beautifully made, and looks lovely on our front door.

The lady who served me said they had bought more supplies than they needed just for my wreath, as they have decided to start making wreaths like mine in the shop on a regular basis. I really hope we’ve started something. Wreaths are a wonderful way to make your home look bright and welcoming and I would love to see more of them. So if things are looking a bit dull around your front door, do consider investing in one. Of course, if you are talented with flowers and/or arts and crafts you could always make one yourself. All you need is a straw or moss wreath, some wire, ribbon and the dried flowers and plants to go on it. As much as I love flowers, I really am not very good at arranging or making displays with them so I tend to leave it to the professionals.

Of course we will have another wreath at Christmas, but I’m so pleased with how well this one looks on the front door, I’m already planning another one for the Spring!