Thursday, May 15, 2008

Dior and The 21st Century Housewife - 9th May 2008

What a busy day yesterday was! It started with a bit of a rush to get Alex to school and Guy to the station. Then I spent some time getting ready for the weekend. Our friends are coming to stay with us which I am really looking forward to.

I had Pilates at 10.30. I explained to Kelly, my Pilates coach, that my arms were really stiff from yesterday’s yoga. Well, apparently the cure for stiffness is extra work….ouch…but actually in the end they did feel better. I feel like I am getting so much stronger, and I know that my shape is improving, although I was very disappointed that my hip measurement has not actually gone down. But my legs are thinner and the part of them that gravity had been pulling down (that’s my polite way of saying my bottom!) is actually moving back up so that is encouraging.

After Pilates it was a rush back home, with a quick stop at Waitrose for things for Alex’s lunch tomorrow, to get back in time for the curtain fitter, Julian, who was due to arrive at 1pm. I was thrilled as he began to bring the curtains in, they all looked so gorgeous. This was the last of the curtains, except for the library ones, which we are choosing next week. Julian has drawn a design for them which I really like. It’s a big, complicated window which looks lovely from both inside and outside, but has proved a bit of a challenge to curtain. So I’m pleased to finally know what we are doing, and I only have to choose the fabric now. I think from what he is saying Julian has practically chosen something already actually which based on past experience I will probably like. He has some very good ideas, most of which I do like, although I am a bit slow to take some of them up as I have to do things at my own speed. I struggle with too much change at one time!

Anyway, whilst Julian carried on with the curtains I had an appointment with Judith, my personal trainer. It was a bit hot for running outside but we had a go anyway and I did quite well. I’m still struggling with the concept of running in public, although the encouraging comments I received from one chap on a bicycle (and they were very encouraging indeed!) made it all seem much more manageable and gave me a bit of extra steam for the very difficult bit at the end which is virtually all uphill. When we got back we did the strength and toning exercises. I mentioned to Judith about my arms, and she did sort of let me off on some stuff, but apparently personal trainers believe working a sore muscle is the way to go as well!! They do feel a bit better this morning, so perhaps the professionals are right!

Julian finished the curtains just as I finished my workout. Actually, I think he was a bit shocked by how haggard I looked but he managed to hold back his laughter as he pointed out that my mascara was definitely running! Never mind. The curtains and blinds are just wonderful and it is so nice to have them up.

After Alex got home and Julian left it was a real rush to get ready as we were due at the Dior Joaillerie launch of the new fine jewellery collection in the Penthouse at The Metropolitan Hotel. It was an engraved invitation affair so figuring out what to wear was a bit of a challenge. I decided to go for a navy and white day dress with my favourite Dior bag (in an homage to our hosts!). Alex and I took the train into town and met up with Guy in Regent Street. We then went together by taxi to the hotel. We were greeted at the door and ushered upstairs to the 10th floor. Our invitations were checked and we were welcomed into the Penthouse, which has a stunning view over London. I chose the right thing to wear as my handbag was noticed immediately by our hosts. It is a very classic design that they have done for years and that they reinvent annually in new colours. I do have a bit of collection of fine handbags but I think my classic Dior one is probably my favourite. Actually, Alex has described me as “having a handbag addiction” although I only ever buy the ones I really love and I do wait and save for them! Anyway, back to the jewellery, which was designed by Victoire de Castellane. The collection was called “The Seasons at Milly-la-Foret” and was displayed in several alarmed cases in a room decorated with white forest like branches. A mime, wearing a gorgeous necklace, ring and classic Dior watch, moved amongst the guests showing off her wears at close range. The necklace had me spellbound until she turned around and I noticed there was a jewelled skull on the clasp. That kind of spoiled it for me, as I don’t do skulls. I much preferred the little frogs that were wittily placed on some of the other pieces. Champagne was pressed upon us and I have to say Dior were very generous as our glasses were not allowed to be empty for even a moment. It was a fantastic place to people watch as well. Chanel jackets were rubbing shoulders with very fashionable casual wear. From the WAGs on their own having a chat over champagne in the corner, to gorgeous woman who put me in mind of Eva Longoria’s character on Desperate Housewives standing next to her husband admiring the view, it was a real cross section of fashionable London. One older lady wearing vintage Chanel discussed rings with her husband. Next to her, a beautiful girl in a white dress, who must have been a model she was so tall (taller than Guy!), showed a lot of interest in some of the enamelled pieces. The people were almost more fascinating than the jewellery, but it was quite interesting too! The only thing was most of the pieces were really big – I mean almost huge in some respects. I smiled as I recalled how my Dad would have called them “knuckle dusters”! Of course really large rings are very fashionable at the moment, but if I’m honest I would probably wear them only rarely, and for that sort of investment you would want to be wearing them rather a lot. They did have one pair of earrings that looked like something I would choose, and a pretty necklace that I would easily have worn as well. However it was almost impossible to purchase anything as they only had a small private room for viewings and only a couple of people could be seen at a time. One gentleman left in a huff with his very beautiful and fashionable wife, complaining to us that he had been waiting for over twenty minutes for a viewing and had not been seen to. It was a very interesting evening though with some amazing pieces. You can see some of them on the Dior website, just click here and go to the section on “The Seasons at Milly-la-Foret”.

We spent about an hour at the reception and then left to go have dinner in Mayfair. We had to take a cab, even though it was only round the corner, as by now my rather fashionable shoes were causing me some serious pain. Despite that, it was a really pleasant evening with super company, nice food and good wine – although I have to admit that in the end I had to walk from the train to the car park in my stocking feet! Oh, the glamour of it all!

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