Thursday, May 15, 2008

Thursday 14th May

Well, our gorgeous sunny weather seems to be taking a bit of a break, but I suppose I can’t complain after nearly a week of the good stuff! It’s been very chaotic here these last couple of days, so I did enjoy my yoga class today. I’m much more chilled out now than I was first thing this morning. And as for yesterday, well, that really was stressful!

We started off yesterday morning with the news that Guy will have to go to Singapore for five days in June. I’m not very happy about that. Guy travelling is a side of being a Corporate Wife that I have never liked. It can’t be avoided this time though, so I’ll just have to deal with it. Thankfully he is going after my birthday. On the plus side, Guy has some holiday he needs to use up so is taking lots of long weekends beforehand, plus he has taken three days off round my birthday and he will also be at home the Friday he gets back from Singapore and the Monday afterwards. So I really cannot complain – he’s only going for five days after all. I’m lucky he hates being away as much as I hate it when he is away!

We did do some nice things yesterday though including booking The Criterion Restaurant in Piccadilly Circus, London, for my birthday dinner. I have always wanted to go there. It looks so beautiful from the outside and the menu – by Marco Pierre White – sounds wonderful. I had thought we might go to tea at The Ritz on my birthday but it turns out you have to book months in advance. Never one to let something like that be a setback, I have embraced the lesson and booked afternoon tea at The Ritz …in September!

This morning started out a lot more quietly with Guy working from home for the first bit. He then very kindly sorted out something that has been worrying me for ages – registering with a doctor in our area. You see, for the last six months we have remained registered with our doctor in Derby. Thankfully we have not needed a doctor as that is a heck of a long way to go if you are not feeling well! The reason for my hesitation is that I am pretty doctor phobic. I go for all the tests you have to have of course, and thankfully I am very healthy so rarely go to the doctor for anything other than those usual regular health checks. I’ve never had much luck with doctors really. It all started when I was a kid. I had a really nice doctor when I was little. He even did house calls from time to time. However, once I got into my teens I decided I did not want a male doctor anymore. Poor Mom had to find me a female doctor. The only one she could find (female doctors in general practice were pretty rare those days) was middle aged and her office was in a scary old house. And (I am absolutely dead serious here) she had a paddle with the words “grip firmly to avoid frustration” painted on it hanging on her wall! Of course she never actually used the paddle on me but just seeing it hanging there was enough to scare me silly. She’d actually tell you to look up at it when she was giving you an injection! Remember, this was the 1970’s and corporal punishment, whilst frowned upon in some circles, was still horrifically acceptable. Then, when my Mom was ill with cancer when I was eight our friend Jenny, who I was staying with, had to take me to this doctor. After the doctor saw me, she sent me out to the waiting room and asked to talk to Jenny. I immediately decided that she was telling Jenny that I was dying and only had six months to live or something. I was nearly ill with fear for days until I confessed to Jenny who very kindly (and without laughing thank goodness!) explained the doctor was only asking after my Mom. Sadly though, all this has left me with a nearly pathological fear of needles, tests and anyone medical. Even having my blood pressure taken terrifies me. It takes me ages to work up my courage to go for tests (although I do go of course) . So the idea of walking into the doctor’s office and registering had me just about ill with fear. Thankfully Guy did it for me, and filled out all the forms for the three of us. He came back with a leaflet explaining the office’s procedures and it sounds a really nice one – with lots of things on offer (not that I’m rushing in mind you!) and plenty of help if you need it. So that is a huge relief.

I had my yoga class this morning as well. My instructor comes to the house and it is one on one, so I am learning all the poses – the ones I always thought I knew how to do(!) - properly! It is wonderful as she is a very spiritual person and the yoga goes beyond the actual asanas (poses) to the philosophy behind them. It is extremely relaxing and is really helping me to work through the physical and emotional toxins I’ve got swirling round in my mind and body since Dad and Mom passed away. Since I’ve started working with her I’ve had fewer nightmares and I’m sleeping much better. I’m a great believer in the holistic side of things, although of course as a compliment to doctors and medicine – not instead of them!

The sun looks like it might venture on out, so I think I’ll go off and do the grocery shopping now. I’ve just put some ingredients in the bread maker so there should be some nice smells wafting through the house when I get back!

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