Monday, May 19, 2008

More (Gulp!) Surprises

We made some great progress with the garden on Friday, purchasing lots of lovely plants at our local Wyevale nursery, and also at the amazing Big Plant Nursery where we found a well established Robinia tree, a beautiful lilac and two other gorgeous blue plants which I erroneously thought were California lilacs– but I don’t care they are so pretty! The plants are all “big” and established so I’m having them delivered next week. I’m also getting the nice lady who was there to come along and give me some advice for what else might look good in our garden.

So after a day of gardens and gardening, it was not shock when Guy said he would like to go back to Wyevale on Saturday to have a bit more of a look round. I was a tad surprised when Alex said he wanted to go along too, but I was so pleased I did not think much about it. Alex never comes shopping with us unless there is something he wants. I could not figure out what he could possibly want from the garden centre, but as I said I was far too pleased to ask questions. Guy explained we were going to go a different way to Wyevale nursery. This again was no surprise as Guy always goes to places sixteen different ways – and never returns from a place in the same way he went to it. He swears it is not a deliberate attempt to confuse me, but sometimes I wonder.

We set off in Guy’s car and began to chat amongst ourselves. We were headed in the general direction of the garden centre, and although we were taking a different route I did recognise most of it. Alex began to talk about cars. Alex loves cars, as does Guy, so this is nothing unusual. However it didn’t take long for the conversation to go the way it usually has recently, with both of them assuring me that it really was time for me to have a new car. I have to say that I do agree with them. The car I have now is a blue Peugeot 1007, which is a fun little car with sliding doors that I bought when Alex was about twelve. At the time, it suited us as it is cute and funky. Sadly I have never been happy with it though as I really do not like the way the semi-automatic gearbox works. I find the way the car takes ages to get going terribly frustrating. Once you wind it up, it does go at a reasonable speed, but I never found it lived up to its “fun” image in terms of driving. And I have the Sport version! So I have wanted something different for a long time. But I am a frugal soul and buying anything new always involves a lot of thought and consideration.

Suddenly we were pulling into the Chrysler, Jeep and Dodge dealership.

“I thought we were going to Wyevale.” I said weakly.

“Well, Alex and I have found a car we think you will like. It’s just behind you.”

I got out of Guy’s car and turned round to look at a gorgeous little sports car. The first thing out of my mouth was,

“But it only has two seats!”

I was then bombarded by a list of reasons why I do not need a car with four seats anymore and how one large car is enough for any family. Alex virtually dragged me over to the car It was a Chrysler Crossfire Roadster in a gorgeous silvery blue and it was a convertible. I was lost. My dream car was sitting in front of me. But I wasn’t admitting anything to Guy or Alex, both of whom were practically jumping up and down with excitement.

I listed several reasons why it was not practical, and even went so far as to say I was not sure I liked it which was a complete untruth. Before I knew it I was sitting beside the general manager of the dealership on my way to do a test drive. Well, it drove like a dream. It’s got a 3.2 litre engine which beats the heck out of the 1.6 litre I’m driving now. The gearbox is automatic and its really quiet even at 70 miles an hour. I was ill prepared for my surprise test drive, and I was not even wearing driving shoes. I also had to put the roof back up as being England it was freezing cold and my eyes were streaming so much from the cold wind I could hardly drive. But just like Guy and Alex thought I would, I fell in love with the car.

On our return to the dealership, Guy went out for a test drive. As Alex and I waited in the reception area, he listed every reason possible I had to buy the car – even resorting to “If you don’t buy it I’ll be very disappointed in you. I thought that was my line!

After Guy’s return and a family conference during which I was told not to be so silly of course I should have the car and not feel I have to be practical and cautious like I normally am, my Peugeot 1007 was traded in and we bought a truly amazing little sports car. It is due to be ready next week. I can hardly believe my luck. I really am blessed to have a husband and son who really encourage me to step firmly outside my comfort zone and make my dreams come true. So, from next week, if you see a cute little Crossfire with a very happy blond housewife driving it, that will be me!

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