Thursday, May 01, 2008

Feeling better all the time....

May Day has always seemed like the first day of spring to me – despite the fact that officially, it’s not. No matter where I have lived (obviously never in the southern hemisphere) it has always been a pretty safe bet that by the 1st of May the weather will be reasonably spring like. It’s trying today, with the sunshine fighting its way through the clouds as often as it can. We’ve had such a lot of rain this week, you can understand why William Blake referred to England as a “green and pleasant land” in his hymn “Jerusalem” – which is, incidentally, one of my favourites. Although not typically a wedding hymn, we had it at our wedding – not only because I liked it, but also because it kind of alluded to how I was choosing an English man, and choosing to live in England with him. Anyway, it is very green outside – lush thick carpets of grass, flowers and lots of green gorgeousness.

I feel so much better today. I’m still coughing and spluttering a bit but the exhaustion has gone and I feel like I’m on the road to recovery. Isn’t it funny how you sort your head out, get a bit of rest, and suddenly you feel better? We really do not take good enough care of ourselves. We need to remember that we are important too, and we need to be kind to ourselves as well as everyone else.

I am so pleased that I am feeling better as I have not had a run since Monday so I really do want to run again tomorrow. I daren’t risk it today as I’d probably stir up all my congestion, end up spluttering and be very embarrassed. I did go to Pilates today though, which was wonderful. Everyone very kindly ignored my coughing and spluttering and it did me the world of good. I feel I am really making progress and getting stronger. Apparently I have very stiff calf muscles though so I have to do a calf stretch thing that I do not like at all – so it must be good for me! I was always so proud of my flexible hamstrings, and now I find out I’ve got stiff calves! Oh well.

Guy has been working very long hours in preparation for meetings next week. He is running on adrenaline so seems to need very little sleep. He works at home whenever he can, but a typical day sounds exhausting to me. For example yesterday he left at 6.45am and worked through until 8.15pm. By the time he got home it was nearly 9.30. The only time he really took out was to eat dinner and the rest of the time he was on the phone and his computer. Yet he still manages to phone and text me regularly during the day. It’s nice to be thought of even amidst the chaos.

We were all a bit nervous this morning as today was the day Scissor Boy (SB) was supposed to return to school. I’ve been praying he would not be allowed to, but we had heard nothing so it looked like God had a different plan. I should have had more faith – by 10am Alex had texted me to say that SB had been permanently excluded. Hallelujah! Thank God for answered prayer. Apparently SB can appeal the exclusion but frankly I don’t think he has much hope. In the first instance I’m still praying and in the second, apparently they have said he is a health and safety hazard to the other students. He sounds like a bit of a health and safety hazard to himself as well. I do feel sorry for him as he obviously has a terrible life, but you can’t go around attacking other people just because you are p***d off with the world.

I really cannot believe it is May already. Where have the last five months gone? I’m barely used to writing “2008” and we are nearly half way through the year! I’m so grateful for how everything is finally coming together though, it is wonderful. I’ve got to go, Alex has just come through the door saying “I’m sick” in a very nasal voice. Looks like he’s caught my cold poor thing. Oh dear, I will be popular!

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