Friday, May 02, 2008

Thank God It's Friday

I really thought I was over this cold, but it has now turned into an annoying chesty cough which managed to disturb my sleep rather catastrophically last night. As a result I had to drag myself out of bed this morning. I even gave Alex money to buy his lunch instead of packing one for him, and aside from bringing him a coffee to wake him up, did not even get up until just before he went to school. Not such a domestic goddess this morning then!!

I’m feeling a lot better now though and have managed to get quite a lot done. I still have not got my run in yet a I have been playing secretary, typing up parts of a presentation for Guy. I’m glad to help – it’s just that for the moment, he’s a MAC and I’m a PC. I’m still working on getting my head round the Macintosh system, and as brilliant as it is, I do find it a challenge. I know there will be a day when I am waxing lyrical about how wonderful it is and trashing Microsoft, but for the moment I’m still pretty indoctrinated in the PC way of doing things. This makes it hard when you are working on a MAC! Still, after three hours of working with Keynote, Apple’s desktop publishing program, I am pretty impressed. I did, however, have a couple of moments of head banging frustration trying to figure out exactly how things are done in MAC world. I’m eager to learn though, as Guy says if I would just work on a MAC I could get the website looking much more professional and exciting. He’s also promising to buy me a MacBook Air. This is a huge carrot, and there appears to be no stick at all!

The weather has been quite strange today, sunny one minute, torrential rain the next. Luckily the gardener picked the perfect moment to arrive to cut the lawn, and just finished in time for the heavens to open. This was not so nice for him, but for us, it is lovely as the grass now looks tidy, but incredibly lush at the same time.

I’m hoping we will have some time to relax this weekend, which is a Bank Holiday weekend, meaning we get Monday off. It’s been manic for Guy at work and he has been doing 20 hour days in preparation for an important conference next week. I’m hoping this weekend will be a lovely island of peace and tranquillity…but sadly, here in the 21st Century Household that is pretty unlikely. We don’t do tranquillity very much really – it’s more organised (or not so organised) chaos most of the time. Still, surely with three days to play with we ought to get a break at some point – watch this space!

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