Saturday, May 03, 2008


Guy worked till 2 am last night and quite a lot of today. It’s overwhelming at the moment, but at least he is doing it from home.

We popped out in the morning to look for a double bed for Alex. He is just too tall for the single bed now. The other morning I went in to wake him up and both his legs were on the floor, poor lad. Unfortunately we could not find anything we liked so the search is still on. We were near a McDonald’s and I was almost dragged in, but managed to avoid it by offering to make homemade burgers for lunch. I didn’t have to offer twice! I cooked them on my new George Foreman grill. I can’t get over how brilliant that thing is, it cooks everything so nicely and so easily. Plus it’s easy to clean as well. I cooked steak on it last night with great success.

The weather was beautiful this afternoon so we went for a walk in the sunshine. We tried walking a different way and found some more gorgeous countryside. We took some photographs so I’ll try to put them up in the next few days. We are so lucky to have such amazing fields and woods so near to us.

After we got back from our walk I had a bit of a domestic goddess moment and decided to make chocolate chip cookies. It’s been ages since I’ve done something like that. They are the first thing I have baked since August, since all the chaos started, and I think they tasted extra good because of that. It was like turning a corner. Anyway, instead of using my old faithful recipe that I’ve been using for thirty years, I decided to try a new Martha Stewart one from her book " Cookies". It was very good, but the cookies really spread out a lot. In fact, the first pan full was kind of one big cookie until I cut them apart! They taste delicious though, soft and chewy just like the recipe promised, and by the third pan full I had got the hang of spacing them out. Having said that I think I will go back to my old recipe next time.

I’ve still got this annoying cough, but I didn’t let it stop me from having a run this afternoon while Guy was on the phone to the States. I had a great run yesterday, but today was even better and for the first time I ran for over half an hour without stopping to walk even once. I’m so pleased.

I am hoping Guy will finish with his call soon (it has been over two hours now!) and that will be able to get a bit more family time in this weekend. Fingers crossed!

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