Wednesday, August 06, 2008

All Quiet on the Western Front...well, that is, quiet for us...

It’s been a very busy week so far. Alex is away at a Theatre workshop in London so Guy and I are on our own. Of course we’ve only had the evenings together, but it’s been nice having some time on our own, although of course we miss Alex. This is the first time we’ve been on our own in the new house (gee I’m still calling it “new” and we’ve been here over six months!!). As a result, unlike most times when Alex is away, we haven’t been taking the opportunity to go out and about, we’ve just been enjoying our “new” home. We’ve also synchronised our diaries and made some plans for the next few months which has been great fun. So far, we’ve managed to do quite a lot, including deciding where to go on holiday in the October half term (Cyprus), and beginning to plan a surprise birthday trip for Alex to New York City over the New Year. On the domestic front, I’ve also got a great big pile of things on the spare room bed ready to be packed for our holiday next week and I’ve even managed to nearly empty all the washing baskets. Just wait till Alex gets back with all his washing from this week though!

Today Guy is working from home which is lovely. Even though he works extremely hard when he is at home, and even longer hours than when he is at the office, he is here which is a real treat on a weekday. Okay, sometimes I don’t get to talk to him for hours on end because he is on conference calls, but it is just nice to have him round the house. As for me, I’m having a kit installed in my car so that I can use my iPhone hands free. It’s called a Parrot and everything was going great until we discovered the sound quality was not very good on the receiving end of calls! So the engineer is still out there in the driveway trying to get it sorted out. I love new technology, but I find it very stressful when things take ages or don’t work as planned. Hopefully it will all work fine in the end.

I’m thrilled at how my back has recovered from the little jolt it got over a week ago. I was so worried when I hurt it at the motor show, but with keeping up my exercise, and doing some extra Pilates and yoga, I got to the stage I have had absolutely no pain since last Thursday. Surprisingly, I’ve found that my personal training sessions, Pilates and yoga have all gone better this week as well. I seem somehow stronger, like not only did my back recover quickly, but the work I did towards my recovery also helped make me stronger. Whatever it was, I’m very pleased with the results!

I have to admit, I’m beginning to get excited about our holiday in Florida. This is the first real family holiday we’ve had since Mom and Dad’s troubles started with Mom’s illness in October 2003. I’m hoping it will be a lovely fresh start for us, and a real time of healing for us all.

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