Friday, August 08, 2008

Time Together

Guy suggested going out to dinner last night, and for the first time in ages we had some uninterrupted time together. Okay, it was practically uninterrupted – not totally – as Guy did take his phone with him, but he only checked it twice the whole evening. For him, that is monumental. His director had a talk with him yesterday about actually not working on holiday. Because that is what holidays are for. I’m not sure this has had any affect on Guy, but we’ll see.

Anyway, back to the uninterrupted time together. I went out on a limb and tried Toptable, the online restaurant booking service. I’ve been registered with them for years but never used them, envisaging arriving at a restaurant to blank looks and mutterings of “you booked a table how?”. Actually, they are brilliant. Not only was my table booked, but because I had used Toptable, they kept one of the nicest tables in the house for us! (If you want to try it for yourself, just click here.)

I wanted to try a new restaurant locally, because it has come to my attention that for someone who has lived here for almost a year, I really do not know Reading at all well. This is partly because we have travelled so much this year, but also because I have been hesitant to explore as the trauma of the last year has shrunk my comfort zone alarmingly and kind of knocked my confidence a bit. So last night I decided to do something about it and booked a table at Bel and the Dragon in Gasworks Road. I had only a vague idea of where this might be, and went armed with postcodes and a satellite navigation system. Guy narrowly made it home in time for us to get there for our 8.30pm reservation, and both of us were surprised to find that the restaurant was actually across from one of the flats we had looked at (and ruled out) in September last year when we were looking for somewhere to live (during the week) while our new house was being built.

The restaurant overlooks the river and is really lovely. We were welcomed enthusiastically and had a fantastic evening. The food was amazing. If you want to read my full review of the restaurant, please click here.

It was so nice to have some time together to just relax. It’s something we’ve really been needing. It’s been such a busy year, and combined with everything that happened all these last five years with Mom and Dad, particularly since Dad’s death in November and Mom’s in January, we have both found ourselves completely exhausted. I’m hoping that Alex will find this week to have been very healing as well. He’s been completely away from home (and us!) and has been totally absorbed in preparing for his performance at Her Majesty’s Theatre. I’m hoping it will have had a very beneficial effect.

So, the weekend approaches and Guy and I have a whole day together tomorrow. The temptation is to use it to try and get things a bit more sorted out, to unpack some more boxes and get on with things. But I’m wondering if it wouldn’t be better just to throw caution to the winds and have a really relaxing day doing stuff we actually want to do – like maybe taking a walk along the river (if the weather predictions improve) or going to see a movie. We have not been to the cinema in well over a year. But we’ll see. I’m just glad to have the opportunity to spend another whole day together. It’s like being on holiday, before the holiday!

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