Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Heading Home

It has been a wonderful holiday. As I sit here in the Delta Crown lounge (BA don’t have a lounge at Orlando), I feel so happy to have had so much fun – and two solid weeks together as a family. That hasn’t happened in years! The picture above is all of us on the Journey to Atlantis at Sea World. We are at the back of the “boat”. At that point we were plummeting fifty feet down a great big water slide (hence the expressions on our faces!). It kind of sums up the holiday really – fun chaos!!

We spent the last couple of days mostly at Disney. It was great our hotel was so close as we were able to go back and forth – and when it got really hot we could just take a break. On Sunday we spent most of our day at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, returning to the Magic Kingdom after dinner for the fireworks display. I’ve never seen the fireworks over the castle before – it was spectacular! We had dinner Sunday night at Downtown Disney, in a Cuban themed restaurant. It was a really different experience. I liked the view over the lake at Disney – and also the Mohito cocktails – full of fresh mint – yummy! On Monday we headed to Epcot, and really enjoyed exploring Futureworld. We all liked “Spaceship Earth” – that was a fun ride. We headed over to the International village, having lunch in Germany at a delicious Oktoberfest buffet, and spending part of the afternoon in Canada! We headed back to the hotel when it got really hot in the late afternoon, intending to return to the Magic Kingdom later in the evening. But after another delicious dinner at the Olive Garden, we all decided we would rather go shopping, and headed back to Macy’s. It was a really successful trip for Guy and Alex, and we stocked them up on the Polo Ralph Lauren shirts – which are much less expensive over here than in England!

This morning we spent packing and then headed back to the shopping centre. This time it was my turn, although Alex had lots of luck as well. I love the clothes in the United States. They fit me so much better than the ones in England, and I really enjoy the extra help the sales ladies give you here as well. I know some people find it intrusive, but I’m grateful for the help! I got some jeans, trousers and two skirts. After lunch at The Cheesecake Factory (their chicken luau salad is amazing!), we headed back to the airport.

And here we are! There are some delays due to air traffic control problems, but so far our flight is on time. So, please God, we’ll arrive back in London first thing tomorrow morning. On one hand, the best thing about travelling is being able to go home – but on the other, I really love holidays! So I’m in two minds about it all. But we’ve got lots to look forward to over the next few months, including a visit from Canadian family, and trips to Cyprus and New York. So even though the holiday is nearly over, I’m still in a really good frame of mind!

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