Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Catching Up With Old Friends - 3rd August 2008

We’ve had a lovely day with our friends today. The picture above is of Alex helping me to get ready for their visit! I was in a huge hurry to get everything sorted out before we went to Buckingham Palace on Friday and didn’t bother to put things in the boot properly. So in the end I just stuffed all the extra things on Alex’s lap. He was very good about it!

Despite a rather dire start to the day weather-wise, we managed to get outside and have loads of fun. It was great to catch up. These folks have been our friends for years and we haven’t seen them in ages. Alex and Edward, the eldest son, were born very close together, so Yvonne and I were nervous first mums together. We also negotiated the very scary path of new mummy-dom together. When Yvonne went back to work after six month’s maternity leave I was completely lost. But as she said, at least she didn’t move 150 miles away! We did that when Alex was two, and we’ve only just moved back south recently, 13 years later! But we’ve gotten together loads over the years. It is just the last few years that we have just not had time to get together. Anyway, a good time was had by all, as you can see from the photograph below!

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