Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Fay's Beginning to Catch up with Us...

Yesterday was another lovely day. We wanted to eat at Paula Deen’s restaurant, Lady and Sons, so this meant we needed to get into Savannah by 9.30am as the restaurant is so popular you have to queue up to book tables. Luckily the queue moved really quickly and we were even able to book a table for the exact time we wanted – 7.30pm.

We then took the same Tram tour, taking advantage of their “second day for $10” deal. We realised last night that this is the same company we used in Washington DC for a tour. They really are excellent. Our first stop was the Cathedral of St John the Baptist on the corner of Abercorn and East Harris. It is a gorgeous church, so light and bright, with windows I found even more beautiful than those in the Notre Dame in Paris. A lady met us at the church aisle and gave us an overview of the church as we walked up towards the altar. She was so friendly and very knowledgeable. She then left us to look round on our own. We really enjoyed the beauty of the place. After lighting two candles (one for my parents and one for my friend Jenny), we went back outside into the sunshine and heat.

After a quick journey on the tram, we hopped off at the Andrew Low house for a tour. You have to knock at the door to get in, which makes you feel less like a tourist and more like a guest. The guide, who looked to be in her seventies, was incredibly knowledgeable and very friendly. The house was beautifully decorated, and had a wonderful “feel” to it, as thought it had seen a lot of fun times – despite the fact that it’s owners’ lives were peppered with their share of tragedy. We thoroughly enjoyed our tour.

By this time we were feeling hungry so we hopped back on the tram and travelled to the waterfront area. After our disappointing lunch at Huey’s yesterday, we were keen to try somewhere else and decided on The Shrimp Factory. It was wonderful! After we had ordered, the waitress brought us a little basket of baby blueberry muffins with pecan butter, which is included with your meal. Guy and I asked to share our main courses and that was not a problem at all, with the waitress bringing us extra plates. Guy ordered the house salad and I ordered a shrimp salad sandwich. We then split both in half. It was the best shrimp salad sandwich I have ever had, and was made with shrimp, green pepper, chopped hardboiled egg and a lovely lemon mayonnaise. So delicious! Alex had a turkey bacon club sandwich which he also enjoyed. So no disappointments there!

We came back to the hotel after lunch to have a bit of a break. I put some washing in and went for a run. Conveniently the exercise room is joined to the guest laundry! I was hoping it would help against the dinner we had planned, but as I found out, no amount of exercise can prepare you for Paula Deen!

We arrived back in Savannah early in the evening, so had a wander round the Market Place and stopped for drink in one of the bars. We ended up talking to some military chaps (there is a convention on) who were really good fun. When it was time for our reservation at Lady and Sons, we headed round the corner to check in. This was my only disappointment about the restaurant, is that there is no bar and after checking in we had to wait for nearly forty minutes for our table to be ready. But once we were seated we were treated to friendly service and amazing food. Just after we had ordered our drinks, a waitress appeared and gave us each a little pancake and a southern biscuit. They were just so delicious! For our main courses, Guy and I decided on the buffet while Alex went for the chicken pot pie. It was served with a biscuit topping, and Alex said it was the best chicken pot pie he had ever had. The buffet offered so much choice, and I have to say there was so much variety I never even got near the salad bar! You could go back as many times as you liked, but I only managed two visits! My favourite things were the fried chicken, the green beans with red skinned potatoes and the candied sweet potatoes. I also had a piece of key lime pie for dessert (half of which I brought back to the hotel in a doggy bag!) which was wonderful – and it had a lot to live up to as the last time I had key lime pie was when I was thirteen and I had dreamed of it ever since! Lady and Sons is definitely a must if you are visiting Savannah – but seriously, eat lightly earlier in the day – the food is too good to skimp on. It is a very different experience, not one I would choose every day, but certainly a wonderful dining experience in its own way. I’m not really a buffet person, and I like my dining experiences slow (which this one was not), but a change is as good as a rest and even I cannot argue with Paula’s great food and down home atmosphere.

So, another great day in Savannah yesterday! Today Tropical Storm Fay is closing in, and we were seriously rained on when we went to Tybee Island (perhaps an island was not the best choice with a tropical storm approaching, but hey, this is us we are talking about!). After a visit to the lighthouse there we headed back inland in absolutely torrential rain. We stopped for lunch at Applebee’s for a break from the heavy weather. Once again, we had a super meal for less than what it would cost us to go to McDonald’s back in England. Guy and Alex had hamburgers and I had a cheese, bacon lettuce and tomato sandwich. All of these were served with French fries and we all had soft drinks as well. I was so full from the sandwich I did not even touch the fries!

We have just got another “we are no longer responsible for your safety in view of the storm” letter from the hotel, so very pleased we planned to leave tomorrow. It’s a five hour drive back to Orlando, but I suspect it may take us a bit longer than that with the storm. I just hope by the time we get back there the weather will be decent. We’ve been so lucky avoiding the rain – this is the first day it has caught us! God has definitely been looking out for us!!

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