Monday, August 18, 2008

Change of Plans....

We’ve been having a super holiday in Orlando, enjoying the delights of Disney and Epcot and generally being kids at heart. Unfortunately yesterday the hotel managed to get us all in a panic by putting a letter under the door basically saying “get the heck out of Dodge” and “we won’t be responsible if you don’t” because of Tropical Storm Fay. The letter was worded in such a worrying way we decided it was definitely time to go. So I rescheduled all our planned days out – more Disney, a dolphin experience at Sea World and a Behind the Scenes tour at NASA for later in the week – and we headed on up the coast to Georgia to get out of the path of the storm.

Am I ever glad we did! We’ve abandoned the rather unpredictable weather in Orlando for glorious sunshine in Savannah. We are going to stay here for the next few days till the storm blows out to sea. I’m in the rather rare position of having actually been somewhere before Guy in this case. He’s never been to Savannah, but I came here with Mom and Dad when I was 13. We were only here for a day though, and I remember wishing I had more time to spend here. So in a weird kind of way – a couple decades later – I’ve got my wish!

We are staying in a lovely hotel just outside of town (in fact I dare say it is even nicer than our Orlando hotel) and are looking forward to exploring. Okay, it’s a slight change of plan, but it hasn’t really interrupted the holiday, more enhanced it (except for the nine our journey in the car yesterday which was a bit tedious). So, we’re off to explore Savannah today and enjoy some of their famous Southern Hospitality. So far, so good! We’ll head slowly back down to Orlando from Wednesday.

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