Friday, April 10, 2009

Being Yourself

It’s so lovely visiting people you know well, who have known you for years, and with whom you can completely be yourself. We are visiting with my cousins in Sarnia right now and they are people like that for us. We are having a wonderful time.

Of course, ideally, people will be themselves with everyone, but I think that most of us have a public persona that we use except when we are with people we really trust. And letting go of that pubic persona is such a relief!

I’ve been lucky to have the sort of the week this week that has meant I can be myself pretty much all of the time. Although I don’t get to see my family and friends in Canada all that much, when we do get the chance to have a visit, it is like we have never been apart. They are all super people and I am lucky to know them all.

The people we are visiting with at the moment have been such a support to us over the years, particularly when my Mom and Dad passed away. Although they live two hours from where my parents did they were physically there for us, helping us with all the myriad of things you need to do but cannot really face. Even more importantly, they helped keep us all sane during that truly horrific time in our lives. But the real joy is how well we all get on and how relaxing it is to spend time with them.

So we are spending a couple days just having fun, being spoiled rotten (my cousin is an amazing cook) and getting a chance to relax en famille. It is just wonderful and I am really grateful for this lovely break.

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