Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Looking At Things From A Different Angle

I bought some wonderful bulbs at the Chelsea Flower Show last year which I planted in containers to avoid them being eaten by the ninja squirrels who visit us regularly. (I call them ninja squirrels because they can get into all sorts of awkward places, and regularly hang upside down by their toes to steal peanuts from the bird feeder. They are a bit silly as I always put peanuts out for them, within easy reach, on the ground. I guess it is just more fun being a ninja or something.) Anyway, although I ordered the bulbs at leisure, choosing them from a list while looking at gorgeous pots full of blooming specimens, when it came time to plant them it was rather in haste. It was coming up to Christmas and they were beginning to sprout, so I threw them into pots very quickly one afternoon. Somehow I managed to plant an orange variety in the same pot with a bright pink one. Oops.

For the first little while after my mistake became apparent, I tried to convince myself that it was an homage to the colour clash of fuschia and orange that is so hot in fashion for Spring/Summer 2009. However, after a few days it started to really bug me. I’m not sure I really like fuschia and orange together. Every time I walked past the container of tulips I berated myself for not being more careful, for not being organised in the first place so I did not have to rush, and for just about anything else I could think of to berate myself for. All my other tulip containers look so pretty with their bright blocks of one colour - pale pink, purple and red. This one became a real eyesore to me, particularly as the orange flowers began to open up and become brighter. I liked the orange tulips and I liked the pink tulips, but I really did not like them together.

Finally, after a couple days of being upset with myself, it occurred to me that I could pick the orange tulips and put them in a vase inside. It just so happened that I had already chosen some pretty freesias and roses in the red and orange family for a bouquet in our living room, which is decorated in red and cream. I added the orange tulips to the bouquet and here is the result. A visitor yesterday thought it was a bouquet from a professional florist. I’m incredibly pleased with it.

Now when I walk past the container of pink tulips I feel happy, and when I see the bouquet in our living room, I feel happy too. It got me to thinking how sometimes we have situations in our lives that irritate us, and that seem to defy any attempts to resolve them. Every time they rear their ugly heads they irritate us. We go over and over them in our minds, and all we do is upset ourselves. Well, sometimes stepping back and looking at the situation in a different way can be the path to a very satisfying solution, a bit like it was for me today.

It’s certainly worth trying next time you are faced with one of those rather irritating situations, and infinitely healthier than driving yourself crazy worrying about it! ☺

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